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Mazel Tov Orchestra is a band specializing in klezmer, Israeli, jazz and swing music. 

Where have you played?

Mazel Tov Orchestra has played at Artquake, Eugene Celebration, Multnomah Public Library, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland Community College, Portland Rose Festival, Portland State University, Reed College, University of Oregon, and at numerous private parties and religious functions.

As of 2008, we are now based in two cities: Portland Oregon, and Austin Texas. 

(Our leader commutes between the two cities.)

What is klezmer?

Klezmer music is Jewish music with its roots in Eastern Europe. It consists of a mixture of folk melodies, some happy and some poignant, played in a unique style that is both lively and provocative. You might call it "Jewish Soul music." Klezmer music is often heard at Jewish weddings, as well as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other happy occasions.

What is Israeli music?

We also play Israeli folk dance music, which has a Middle Eastern sound...very lively, each song having its own choreographed dance.  We often work along with a dance instructor, who teaches the dances to novices as well as experienced folk dancers.

Do you play other kinds of music?

Yes - we play jazz, swing, big band sounds, latin, blues, and even some classic rock and Motown favorites - in fact, any type of music suitable for weddings, parties and special events.

How can we book this band for an event?

Contact Sammy Epstein at (503) 282-2668 or

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